Challenging the Medicalization of Sex




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I. Organizations:

American College of Women's Health Physicians
Association for Women in Psychology
Canadian Women's Health Network
Center for Medical Consumers
Healthy Skepticism, Inc
National Women's Health Network
Our Bodies, Our Selves (Boston Women's Healthbook Collective)
Planned Parenthood of NYC
Seattle Institute for Sex Therapy, Education and Research
Society for Menstrual Cycle Research

II. Physicians:

John H. J. Bancroft, MD
Susan Elizabeth Bennett, MD
JudyAnn Bigby, MD
Lucy M.Candib, MD
Olveen Carrasquillo, MD, MPH
David Fogel, MD
Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD
Nanette Gartrell, MD
Loren W. Greene, MD
Jean Hamilton, MD
Jerome R. Hoffman, MD
Eileen Hoffman, MD
Brunhild Kring, MD
Joel Lexchin, MD
Susan Love, MD, MBA
Ken Harvey, MD
Dr Peter R. Mansfield
Jonathan M. Metzl, MD, PhD
Claudia S. Morrissey, MD, MPH
Katherine Patterson Neely, MD
Syed Ziaur Rahman, MD
Katherine Sherif, MD
Robert L. Spitzer, MD
Justina A. Trott, MD, FACP
Arthur Zitrin, MD

III. Social Scientists, Authors, Activists, Educators, Clinicians:

Linda Perlin Alperstein, MSW (Sex Therapy)
Julie Askew, PhD (Psychology)
Nesrine Bessaïh, MA, (Anthropology)
Petra Boynton, PhD (Psychology)
Lila Braine, PhD (Psychology)
Peggy Brick, MEd (Sex Education)
Monia Brizzi, MSc (Psychotherapy)
Elizabeth J. Brown-Jordan, MA (Psychology)
E. Sandra Byers, PhD (Psychology)
Michael Carrera, EdD (Sex Education)
Rebecca Chalker (Author)
Carolyn Chambers Clark EdD (Sex Education)
Rhonda Chittenden, MS (Sex Education)
Joan C. Chrisler, PhD (Psychology)
Ellen Cole, PhD (Psychology)
Lisa Cosgrove, PhD (Psychology)
Carol R. Ellison, PhD (Psychology)
Judith C. Daniluk, PhD (Psychology)
Betty Dodson, PhD (Author)
Janice M. Epp, PhD (Sex Education)
Jennifer Fishman, PhD (Sociology)
Lisa Aronson Fontes, PhD (Psychology)
Linda Garnets, PhD (Psychology)
Carol Groneman, PhD (History)
Rev. Debra W. Haffner (Sex Education)
Marny Hall, PhD (Psychology)
Lisa Handwerker, PhD, MPh (Anthropology)
Heather Hartley, PhD (Sociology)
Donna Hawxhurst, PhD (Psychology)
Alyce Huston Hemstreet, MA, CS, APRN (Nurse Education)
Clare G. Holzman, PhD (Psychology)
Annie L. Cotten Huston, PhD (Health Education)
Suzanne Iasenza, PhD (Psychology)
Margaret Igne, MA (Health Education)
Isabel J. Kaplan, PsyD (Psychology)
Meg Kaplan, PhD (Psychology)
Ellyn Kaschak, PhD (Psychology)
Richard Kavich, PhD (Sex Therapy)
Peggy Kleinplatz, PhD (Psychology)
Leah Kliger MHA (Educator)
Peter Lambley, PhD (Psychology)
Elizabeth Rae Larson, DHS (Sex Therapy)
Jeanne Lemkau, PhD (Psychology)
Harriet Lerner, PhD (Psychologist, Author)
Meika Loe, PhD (Sociology, Women's Studies)
Lih-Mei Liao, PhD (Clinical Psychologist)
Susan Mahler, MSW (Sex Therapy)
Laura Mamo, PhD (Sociology, Women's Studies)
Kristen P. Mark (BSc) (Human Sexuality)
Barbara L. Marshall, Ph.D. (Sociology)
Konstance McCaffree, PhD (Sex Education)
Maureen McHugh, PhD (Psychology)
Robin Milhausen, PhD (Applied Health Science)
Barbara Mintzes (Health Activist)
Sarah K. Murnen, PhD (Psychology)
Deborah Nedelman, PhD (Psychology)
Paula Nicolson, PhD (Psychology)
Judy Norsigian (Health Activism)
Alia Offman MA (Psychology)
Ursula Ofman, PhD (Psychology)
Gina Ogden, PhD (Psychology)
Anne Peplau, PhD (Psychology)
Lenore Pomerance (Health Education)
Annie Potts PhD (Women's Studies)
Matthew T. Rippeyoung, MA (Counselling Psychology)
Phyllis L. F. Rippeyoung, Ph.D. (Sociology)
Esther Rothblum, Ph.D (Psychology)
Judith Rowan, PhD (Psychology)
William Ruddick, PhD (Philosophy)
Marilyn P. Safir, PhD (Psychology)
Lisa B. Schwartz, PhD (Psychology)
Barbara Seaman (Author)
Jeanne Shaw, PhD (Psychology)
Susan Sherwin, FRSC (Philosophy)
Judiann Simon, PhD (Psychology)
Barbara Jones Smith, PhD (Psychology)
Judith E. Steinhart, EdD (Sex Educator)
Meg Striepe, PhD (Psychology)
Lynda Dykes Talmadge, PhD (Sex Therapy)
Carol Tavris, PhD (Author)
Leonore Tiefer, PhD (Psychology)
Tina Timm, PhD (Sex Therapy)
Deborah L. Tolman, EdD (Psychology)
Kirsi Vainionpää, MSc. (Social Science)
Daniel Watter, PhD (Sex Therapy)
Patricia E. Whelehan, PhD (Anthropology)
Gita Zarnegar, PhD (Psychology)


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