Challenging the Medicalization of Sex




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FDA Hearing on Intrinsa

On December 2, 2004, the FDA Reproductive Health Advisory Committee convened to consider the first drug for "female sexual dysfunction." The New View Campaign opposed the approval of this drug, and prepared factsheets and invited speakers to the hearing. These resources offer a template for every similar drug application to come down the line, and provide a rich introduction to New View positions.

New View Resources*

Post Hearing Statement from New View Campaign

Leonore Tiefer's Written Statement for FDA Hearing Dec. 2
Karen Hicks' Written Statement for FDA Hearing Dec. 2
Nat'l Women's Health Network Written Statement for FDA Hearing Dec. 2

Lenore Pomerance's Written Statement for FDA Hearing Dec. 2

Factsheet on Problems with Clinical Trials
Factsheet on Def & Prevalence of HSDD, Low Desire
Factsheet on Adverse Drug Reactions
Factsheet on P&G's Marketing Plan for Intrinsa
Factsheet on Medicalizing Menopause
Factsheet on Hormone Treatments

Questions to Ask About the Intrinsa Study

Letters Sent By New View Supporters to FDA

The Pink Viagra Story by L. Tiefer

The entire background materials and transcript of Dec. 2 can be downloaded from here.
This includes all the materials from Procter & Gamble, the FDA, the open public hearing, as well as the actual conversations and votes.

*The New View documents on this page are PDF files and must be opened with Adobe Acrobat. For a free download, click here.