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Title: Debate erupts again over women's libido drugs
Date: 8/11/2021
Description: In the wake of Glen Spielmans reanalysis of the bremelanotide clinical trials, Carr takes another look at the shoddy science and conflicts of interest behind FSD Pharma, with lots of credit to the New View.
Author: Teresa Carr
Source: Undark magazine
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Title: Problems with bremelanotide for the treatment of HSDD
Date: 4/19/2021
Description: A clinical watchdog website is following the story of the reanalysis of the bremelanotide clinical trials showing many methodological problems and conflicts of interest. We wrote a letter of complaint to the original journal, Obstetrics and Gynecology, giving links to the published reanalysis, asking for a retraction. They rejected our complaint. All articles and correspondence are presented here.
Author: Spielmans, Tiefer, Basson, Bewley, Brotto, Cosgrove, Fugh-Berman, Healy, Laan, Mintzes, Moynihan, Pearson, Zuckerman
Source: Restoring Trials Website
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