Challenging the Medicalization of Sex




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VULVANOMICS is the 4th activist event organized by the New View Campaign to challenge Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery (FGCS).

The events of Vulvanomics are:

  • An online-petition which gathered over 900 signatures. See original petition HERE.
  • A 10 minute Satirical Video, “Dr. Vajayjay! Privatise those Privates!” which you can see HERE.
  • Download the Study Guide PDF for the video HERE.
  • A one-day “Flash Activism” event of community based photography of FGCS surgeon’s offices. You can see a collage of the photos HERE.
  • We have prepared a 2011 resource list of up-to date statistics, recent journalism about FGCS, and books that show the wide range of female genitalia in a respectful, celebratory, and artistic manner. 

2011 is the 4th year the New View has conducted activism to challenge the growth of Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery.

  • In 2008, we held a street demonstration and put together resource information including journalism, statistics, NYC FGCS surgeons, endorsers of our action, letters we wrote to professional and government agencies, and a final report of the event, including photos.
  • In 2009 we organized a 2-day gallery event, “Vulvagraphics,” displaying vulva photographs, art, video, and crafts. We also prepared resources and a final report, with photos, available here.
  • In 2010 we organized a counter-conference, “Framing The Vulva,” in Las Vegas, to examine many aspects of the FGCS industry and culture. Here is the final report, links to lecture videos, and more.


For more information contact Rachel Liebert.